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Manda Scott

Welcome to the website of MC Scott, aka Manda Scott: novelist, columnist and broadcaster. Mostly the former, it has to
be said, but that’s always what takes up the most time. It takes a year to write a book and a week to read it and this is what keeps us on the lookout always for better, more engaging, more
inspiring books.

Because books are about inspiration. They’re about letting small parts of ourselves free into the dreams of other worlds to explore other ways of being.

As George RR Martin so neatly puts it: ‘A man who reads lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads, lives only one.’ Extending that to the whole of humanity, welcome, to the world of many lives: what I write, and what you read will always be different, but somewhere in the middle is a meeting of minds where together, we create new ways of being - and some of them, may help us navigate our route through the dream we call reality.


I was a veterinary surgeon before I became a writer: I grew up in the James Herriot era and naively thought it was possible to do both well. It took me ten years of veterinary work before I began to write properly and another five before I gave up the day job for good. And it has been good: whatever anyone else tells you, writing is the best job in the world. Where else would it be possible to sit at a desk imagining the world as it might have been, could have been – occasionally as I would like it to have been – and be paid for those imaginings. Language is the core of what makes us human and the freedom to play with it, to mould it, to make new sentences that have never been formed before: it’s sheer heaven. And yes, you can remind me of that when I’m sweating a deadline and thinking life was simpler when I had random strangers phoning me at four in the morning and telling me to get out of bed.

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In the beginning, I wrote crime thrillers: what else do you do if you’re in a veterinary clinic and haven’t got time for research. The first three made a series, the fourth stood alone and both went down well: I had a career as a crime writer, and a lot of friends in the Crime Writers’ Association. Then I had a nudge to write the Boudica series. Originally conceived as a trilogy, it became a tetralogy (or a quartet, if you prefer) and the rest, as they say, is history. Four Boudica: Dreaming, translated worldwide, four ROME espionage thrillers – there’s something utterly captivating about ancient world spies – and now Jeanne d’Arc: I think I know who she was and it definitely wasn’t a peasant girl from Bar who happened to have skills with a lance. There’s a thriller in the pipelines and ideas for short stories, plays, films, television series and a mini radio operetta: that wasn’t my idea, I was just asked to help write it – you see? Writing is the very best job in the world.


Armed with pens

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Manda Scott on Writing

The History Girls

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An interview with Manda Scott by Louise Berridge


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Roman Empress - An interview with Manda Scott

Today I’m Reading

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An interview with Manda Scott by blogger Today I’m Reading

Readers Digest NZ

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An interview with author Manda Scott

Dreaming Courses

Welcome to the world of shamanic dreaming.

This is where reality diverges, the one you have been used to, and the one that actually exists. This is where boundaries shift, and keep on shifting. This is where we find out that Douglas Adams was right, and the Total Perspective Vortex is generally a pretty scary thing. But there’s help. Which is rather the point. Shamanic practice is about asking for help and what sets the trained apart from the untrained is that the former know who to ask, how to ask, how to get to there, how to get back, and how to integrate the results into their everyday lives. Because living *this* life, fully, is what it’s all about. That and learning to die with full awareness.

In early October 2010, a group of writers got together and formed the Historical Writers’ Association – the HWA.

This grew from the belief that we as historical writers need to have the same kind of professional body run by professional writers for professional writers (and their agents and publishers) to sustain, promote and support each other and our work in the way that the Crime Writers’ Association supports writers of crime fiction and non-fiction.

Our initial plans involve a Festival of Historical Writing to be held in conjunction with Historic England’s Festival of History at Kelmarsh.

We will move towards finding sponsorship for historical prizes, and organise social events similar to the CWA, plus alternatives as our members see fit: in the era of electronic networking, a great deal is being achieved already online.

If you have a question for M. C. Scott or would like to get in touch with us, please complete this form.

Rome: The Art of War


AD69: The Year of the Four Emperors.  Since Nero's suicide, three emperors have ruled in Rome and a fourth, Vespasian, has been named in the east.

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@hare_wood Dear All, I'll be at OAKHAM Library tomorrow night for World Book Night. Details here:...

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MC Scott

Link posted by: Manda Scott

Dear All, I'll be at OAKHAM Library tomorrow night for World Book Night. Details here: View Link

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"yep - me too.... tree-aholic... :)" on their own photo.

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This: Get writing...

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Update on the next dreaming course: View Link

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The real Easter... (because the history of that thing that half the world 'celebrates' this weekend is pretty dire, and I still struggle to see why you'd celebrate the existence of a god that demands a man be tortured to death as a central part of its blood cult, but still....) this is good: View Link

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FROM: Ali Young

Love your work Manda.....look forward to reading the next one.....:-) Congratulations!

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Link posted by: Manda Scott

New blog post on The Girl Who Walked Through Fire here: View Link

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Link posted by: Kate Anderson

I saw these pictures and thought of your writing and characters.....

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FROM: Manda Scott

So... I have just had dinner with an amazing American woman who has been involved on pretty much all the most inspiring mindfulness initiatives of the past quarter century. And was supremely interesting and utterly delightful. Truly, the world is an inspiring place.

Posted: 12th April 2014 @ 9:48 pm

23rd - 26th October - a longer, bigger festival
Venue: Harrogate HIstory Festival
Date: Thursday 23 October, 2014

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Truth or Fantasy: clinging to the notions of the past

A strange thing happened to me on the way to writing this blog… Not quite, obviously, it’s a rhetorical device, but in its way it’s accura …

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Posted: 5th June 2013 @ 3:38 pm

The Art of War review on the (unofficial) British Army Website

The Art of War is set in AD 69, the 'year of the four Emperors' and is the fourth in the Rome series by MC Scott.  I hadn't heard of the author prior to …

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Posted: 5th June 2013 @ 3:37 pm

Hare Dreamer - audiobook short story now available to download

Hare Dreamer – episode 3 of the Radio 4's Moments Past series is available now to download from

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Posted: 5th June 2013 @ 3:36 pm

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